The site will be decommissioned on August 24, 2017 at 7 AM Eastern Standard Time. The site will only be available at the following URL:

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Search URL Formats

Our search URLs follow the same basic format:

any number of fields & terms, where a field is a category of metadata (e.g. "artist") and term is the word or phrase to be searched within it (e.g. Williamson)

all search terms are combined together as AND, e.g. is a search for a title of "funnies" AND a composer of "Williamson"

We also support Boolean logic and phrase searches, for example

(artist williamson OR rodriguez)


(specific phrase "bijou funnies")

We have named the fields as logically as possible. For example, in Underground and Independent Comics they are:

Series Title
Issue Title
Installment Title
Publication Date
Publication Place

All of these accept strings. You can also use the 'keyword' term, which finds a match on any field, e.g.

You may also use for brevity. This generic term can also be combined together, e.g.