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Playing and Navigating Video

You can play and pause the video with the control just below the video pane, to the left.

You can increase or decrease the volume by sliding the bar on the control just below the video pane, to the right.

You can see your location and duration information, and you can jump anywhere in the video, by using the timebars above and below the video pane.

  • The timebar above shows the amount of time before and after your location in the video at the very left and very right of the timebar, respectively. You can move the cursor or click the timebar to change location in the video.
  • The timebar below shows the timecode of your location compared to the overall duration. You can move the cursor to change location in the video.

You can resize the video pane and the scenes and movement pane with the controls above the video pane, at the right.

  • Click the left icon to enlarge your video pane but keep the scenes and movements pane visible.
  • Clicking it again restores the original view.
  • Click the right icon to launch a full screen view of the video, without the scenes and movements pane. Clicking ESC restores the original view.

You can find bibliographic information beneath the video pane, as well as in "See More Details" at the top of the screen.