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Creating Clips

First, you need to sign in or register as a new user by clicking "Sign in" at the top right of any page and following the instructions.

To create a clip, click the "Make Clips" icon above the video pane. This will expand the screen and show all the clip-making features.

Enter a title in the "Clip title" text box. [If you do not enter a title, you will not be able to save your clip.]

There are a few ways to select portions of a video for your clip:

  • Enter or click through start and end times in minutes and seconds using the Start/End boxes below the title field.
  • Move the green and red triangles on the timebar above the clip features to select start and stop times.

No matter which method you choose, your start and stop times will automatically show up in both the Start/End boxes and in the top timebar with your clip selection highlighted in blue. The video will automatically jump to the clip times you enter.

Next, you can annotate your clip with the “Notes” field in the right portion of the clip-making features.

You can also share your clips with everyone, with your class or institution only, or you can keep them private. Select your sharing option from the "Viewable by" dropdown under the Start/End boxes.

Now, you are ready to save your clip using the “Save” button below the “Notes” field.

You can play your clip, add it to a new or existing playlist, and embed/link the clip to a document or webpage using the play, plus and link icons in several places:

  • In the Clips tab next to a video pane.
  • From the “My Clips” tab in Browse Clips on the home page, where you can work with all of your clips.
  • Through the “My Profile” link at the top right of each page, which appears once you sign in.