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Authors and Titles of Scholarly Essays

Harriet Alonso, "The Longest-living Women's Peace Organization in World History: The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1915 to the Present"

Sonia E. Alvarez, et al., "Encountering Latin American and Caribbean Feminisms"

Margot Badran, "Women's Social Movements in the Middle East," forthcoming

Iris Berger, "African Women in the Transformation of International Women's Movements"

Eileen Boris and Jill Jensen, "The ILO: Women's Networks and the Making of the Woman Worker"

Marilyn Boxer, "International Socialism, Women, and Feminism: A History of Opportunity and Opposition"

Julie Carlier and Ulla Wikander, "A Forgotten Independent Left-wing Feminism? Radical International Organisations and Congresses, 1878-1914," forthcoming

Nancy Cott, "Women Acting Globally: Collections at the Schlesinger Library"

Francisca de Haan, "The Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF): History, Main Agenda, and Contributions, 1945-1991"

Thomas Dublin, "Constructing the Women and Social Movements International Archive and Database, 2007-2010"

Ellen Dubois, "The IWSA/IAWSEC in the Age of the League of Nations"

Peter Engelman, "The Quest for Contraceptive Knowledge: Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Zurich Conference"

Arvonne Fraser, "UN Decade for Women: The Power of Words and Organizations"

Karen Garner, "The International Scope of the Sophia Smith Collection"

Denise Ireton, "Fighting for Peace in an International City: The Disarmament Committee of the Women’s International Organizations in Geneva, 1931-1939"

Esther Katz, "Margaret Sanger and the International Birth Control Movement"

Grace Leslie, "Women's International Democratic Federation and Women's International Agendas"

Stephanie Limoncelli, "Women’s International Activism on Trafficking and Prostitution"

Annette Mevis, "The Aletta Institute in Amsterdam and Its International Collections"

Clare Midgley, "Women, Anti-slavery and Internationalism"

Fiona Paisley, "A Geneva in the Pacific: Reflecting on the First Three Decades of the Pan-Pacific and Southeast Asian Women’s Association (PPSEAWA)"

Hanna Papanek, "The Work of Women: Postscript from Mexico City"

Tiffany Patterson, "Black Women Internationalists and the Politics of Race and Gender," forthcoming

Barbara Reeves-Ellington, "American Women’s Foreign Mission Boards, 1800 to 1938: Over a Century of Organizing Denominationally, Ecumenically, Transnationally"

Leila Rupp, "The International Council of Women, 1888 to the Present"

Megan Threlkeld, "The Inter-American Commission of Women: Sources on Hemispheric Solidarity"

Jennifer Tomas, "'Better Homes, Better Schools, Better Churches and a Better Country': The International Council of Women of the Darker Races"

Ian Tyrrell, "The Woman's Christian Temperance Union and Internationalism"

UN Division for the Advancement of Women, "Short History of the Commission on the Status of Women"

Lara Vapnek, "The International Federation of Working Women"

Susan Zimmermann, "Liaison Committees of International Women's Organizations and the Changing Landscape of Women’s Internationalism, 1920s to 1945"

Judith Zinsser, "Untold Stories: The United Nations Decade for Women, 1975-1985"