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The Advanced Search function allows you to input particular criteria to make your results more exact. You may use any combination of one or more search fields to limit your search. The more fields you use, the smaller your result set will be. To reset the search screen, click the Clear button. You can browse all terms in a field by selecting the "select terms" link. Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT work in all fields.

Full Text/Abstract: Enter the word you would like to find and click Search. Use quotation marks to search a phrase. For example, "human rights".

Title: Enter the title of any work you'd like to view.

To search for Author, Collection, Institution, Proceedings, Publisher, Publication Place, Place Discussed, Place of Event, All Subjects, Person Discussed, Historical Event, Organization, or Theme you can choose one or more terms by clicking on the select terms link, choosing term(s) within the pop-up window then clicking the "Add Terms" button.

Document Type: Use the drop down box to find materials of a specific document type such as Conference Proceedings or Speech/Address.

Select Limit by Author Details or Limit by Organization Details to view expanded options for limiting your search based on author or organization details.