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Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, 1915-1962 British affiliate of the International Abolitionist Federation. More info 1915 1 1 0
International Birth Control Congresses Early birth control conferences sponsored by the International Neo-Malthusian Federation. More info 1900 0 1 0
Ecumenical Decade. Churches in Solidarity with Women (1988-1998) Decade designated by the World Council of Churches working to end discrimination against women in churches and communities. More info 1988 1 2 0
Pan American Scientific Congress, Women's Auxiliary Committee The Committee was created and supported by the congress to coordinate the interests of women and children in the Western hemisphere. More info 1915 2 2 0
Women on Waves, 1999- A Dutch organization committed to promoting women’s abortion rights internationally. More info 2 2 0
Equality Now, New York, NY Contemporary NGO focusing on the protection and promotion of women’s human rights internationally. More info 1992 13 2 0
Independent Congresses of Women Independent conferences of women that promoted feminism internationally in Europe and the United States. More info 1878 0 3 0
Medical Women's International Association The Medical Women’s International Association represents women doctors from around the globe as a non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit nongovernmental organization (NGO). More info 1919 6 3 0
United Nations. Development Fund for Women The fund financially and technically assists activities promoting gender equality. More info 1976 3 3 0
Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women An organization opposing trafficking among Jewish women international migrants. More info 1885 3 3 0
Catholics for a Free Choice, Washington, DC Catholic lay organization focused on public policy on such women's issues as abortion and contraception. More info 1973 5 3 0
Arab Women's Solidarity Association, 1982- Association promoting women's rights in a context of Arab national liberation. More info 1982 4 3 0
International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace The organization that took over the work of the International Congress of Women at The Hague, 1915 and contributed to the founding of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919. More info 1915 0 4 0
MADRE, 1985- A women’s organization informed in international human rights issues and dedicated to exposing unjust aspects of U.S. foreign policy. More info 1983 5 4 0
Amnesty International, 1961- NGO with growing concern for women's human rights. More info 1961 4 4 0
Sisters in Islam, 1988- Malaysia-based women’s group advocating a progressive Islam. More info 1987 2 4 0
Association for Women's Rights in Development, 1982- Contemporary NGO focusing on women’s rights in the development process. More info 1982 0 4 0
Network of East-West Women A network of Eastern and Western European and United States women promoting democracy and women’s movements. More info 1994 1 4 0
International Co-operative Women's Guild, 1921-1963 An international women’s organization supporting efforts to promote women’s political status and the rights of women workers. More info 1921 2 4 0
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, 1994- Combats human trafficking and aids trafficked women. More info 1994 5 4 0
Center for Women's Global Leadership, 1989- U.S.-based center preparing women for leadership and influencing policymaking from a feminist perspective. More info 1989 2 4 0
Women's Board of Foreign Missions Bodies of Protestant denominations in the United States that provided an avenue for women’s transnational evangelical work. More info 0 6 0
European Women’s Lobby A body founded by the European Commission to defend women's rights and the interests of women throughout Europe. More info 1990 7 6 0
Egyptian Feminist Union Egyptian affiliate of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance. More info 1923 2 7 0
St. Joan's International Alliance, 1911-1961 Catholic lay organization promoting women’s suffrage and women’s equal rights. More info 1911 3 7 0
All India Women's Conference, 1927- Indian women's organization including British and Indian women affiliated with the International Council of Women. More info 1927 8 8 0
Women's Peace Congress/International Congress of Women : 1915 : Hague, Netherlands An international women’s peace conference that sought a mediated end to World War I. More info 1915 0 9 0
United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, 14-25 June 1993 A UN conference that played a major role in the emergence of the concept of women’s rights as human rights. More info 1993 0 10 0
Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, 1947- League of Women Voters-founded group promoting women’s participation in politics internationally. More info 1947 0 12 12
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era, 1984- Promotes women’s equality in the global south. More info 1984 4 15 0
Equal Rights International Geneva-based organization that supported equal rights for women internationally in the 1930s. More info 1930 4 15 4
United Nations. Commission on Human Rights UN body that addresses issues of human rights including women’s human rights. More info 1946 4 15 0
Women in Law and Development in Africa, 1990- A pan-African network to increase the role of women in politics and development in African nations. More info 1990 0 18 0
Socialist International Women, 1907- Promotes women’s equality within the social democratic movement. More info 1907 12 18 0
Women's International Zionist Organization, 1920- Promotes the creation and development of a Jewish nation in Palestine. Jewish women’s international network supporting Israeli nationhood and promoting women’s and children’s welfare in Israel. More info 1920 16 19 0
Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker, 1929-1974 Promoted gender equality in the workplace More info 1929 21 20 3
International Council of Women for the Darker Races of the World The ICWDR was a small group established in 1922 by Margaret Murray Washington of Tuskegee Institute. This organization of African-American educators and club-women dedicated itself to studying the status of women and children of color around the world and took an interest in the peace movement, the U.S. occupation of Haiti, and Ethiopia’s struggle against Italian occupation. More info 1920 2 21 2
International Abolitionist Federation, 1875- Combats prostitution and trafficking in women and children. More info 1875 15 21 0
Women's International Democratic Federation, 1945-1990 Initially Soviet-sponsored alliance that advocates women’s rights and opposes U.S. imperialism. More info 1945 33 24 0
International Federation of Working Women, 1919-1923 Short lived organization that promoted the rights of working women and sought worldwide protective legislation for women. Championed the rights of working women and international peace. More info 1919 21 25 0
World Woman's Party, 1938-1954 An international offshoot of the U.S. National Woman’s Party that worked to advance equal rights for women internationally. More info 1938 11 27 1
League of Women Voters, 1920- Developed international committees to address foreign affairs More info 1920 14 29 0
Africa-America Institute, 1953- Supports U.S. education for Africans and informs U.S. policies about Africa. More info 1953 18 34 1
United Nations. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women UN-based group monitoring progress of nation-states under the 1979 Convention on the elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. More info 1982 4 37 0
International Council of Jewish Women, 1912- Strengthens relationships among Jewish women and Promotes social welfare More info 1912 29 41 0
United Nations. General Assembly The major global, intergovernmental body in the post-World War II era which has had a professed commitment to women’s rights since its inception. More info 1945 21 41 0
Liaison Committee of Women's International Organisations, 1925-1967 An umbrella group created to promote women’s issues and women’s participation in the League of Nations. More info 1925 35 42 0
International Planned Parenthood Federation, 1952- Provides family planning and reproductive health services globally. More info 1952 38 44 0
Associated Country Women of the World, 1933- An organization of rural women. More info 1933 38 46 0
World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1883- Promotes women’s rights under an umbrella of opposition to alcohol and opium. More info 1883 38 50 0

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